Acceptable Use Policy

(A) You agree that you will NOT use the Services to:

1- Violate any applicable local, state or federal law or regulation, including, but not limited to, any copyright, trademark, patent, anti-piracy, or other intellectual property law or regulation, or any export control or child pornography law, or encourage or enable others to violate any such law or regulation.

2- Transmit, distribute, publish, post, store, link, or otherwise traffic in information, software, or material that:
2.1. Constitutes, depicts, fosters, promotes or relates in any manner to child pornography, child erotica, bestiality, or non-consensual sex acts, or is otherwise obscene.

2.2. Encourages, glorifies, incites, or promotes illegal activity or drug use, excessive violence or cruelty, or Ponzi-type schemes.

2.3. Is fraudulent or facilitates phishing, hacking, or identity theft, or attempts to impersonate the identity of a third party.

2.4. Infringes upon a third-party business, intellectual property, contractual, privacy, or fiduciary right or improperly exposes trade secrets or other confidential or proprietary information.

2.5. Contains malicious applications or code of any type.

2.6. Makes or facilitates any form of computer, server, or network attack or disruption.

2.7. Compromises, disrupts, or degrades the normal and proper operation of any computer, server, or internet system, including Cairo Web Design ®’s systems.

2.8. Is defamatory, libelous, threatening, harassing or abusive.

3. Send, post, host, enable, or facilitate any types of mail-bombs or SPAM (“SPAM” is defined as any type of unsolicited e-mail).

4. Use or provide open proxies or Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

5. Host any type of servers or other server applications that are frequent targets of denial of service (DDoS) attacks or other types of attacks.

6. Collect personal information such as email addresses, screen names or other personally identifiable information without the consent of the party so identified.

(B). Your use of the Service is governed by the policies set out in this AUP. We may amend them from time to time and will provide you notice on our portal. If a change in this AUP materially alters your rights or diminishes our obligations under this Agreement, you agree to provide us with thirty days’ written notice of your intent to terminate the affected Service and allow us to determine a course of action. If within that period of time, the parties are not able to reach an agreement, you may terminate the affected Service without penalty.

(C) If you are providing services to third parties, and as a result you use the Services in a manner that violates our AUP, you are responsible for that violation. As a result, we strongly encourage you to incorporate these policies into your own policies, or adopt policies that are no less restrictive than these are.

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